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Vintage Designer Sunglasses and our sister site Vintage Sunglasses Shop are the largest buyers of authentic vintage sunglasses in the world, having purchased over 50,000 pairs of Revo, B&L Ray-Ban, Carrera, Giorgio Armani, Vuarnet, Persol, Cazal, Versace, Oakley, and other finer vintage sunglasses since 1998.

It's no secret that as many as 80% of the alleged vintage sunglasses for sale at any time at online auctions are fakes, and if you have good authentic vintage sunglasses in excellent condition they'll be competing against sellers who overtly lie about condition, maniuplate the auction process or sell fakes, and you'll have to contend with fraud, buyers who don't pay, and fees that can exceed 20% of the sale price in listing fees, final value fees, and payment processing fees. The proliferation of counterfeits and deceptive selling practices at online auctions have driven many good buyers away including us. We can help.

If your finer vintage sunglasses meet our authenticity and condition standards, Vintage Designer Sunglasses pays at the top of the auction market historical price range based on the past 9-12 months of price history (not fantasy asking or buy it now prices but real completed sales). Few people search at auctions for vintage sunglasses leading to big diffrences between a good day and a bad day, so we eliminate the market uncertainty for you and lock in prices that reflect the top of the range for a successful auction. Moreover, you'll end up with 20% more money in your pocket than even the best day at auction because the prices we pay are outright purchases free from any fees, and you can also avoid paypal payment processing fees mandated at auctions if you opt to have us pay you by check.

Higher Prices. No Fakes. No Fees. No


Vintage Designer Sunglasses and the Vintage Sunglasses Shop are names you can trust to both buy and sell the finest in vintage designer sunglasses and to treat all of our customers fairly and with respect. You can contact us via email, or give us a call at (843) 359-9550 if you prefer human to human communication.

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