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Vintage Designer Sunglasses makes it easy to search for your favorite brands or models of rare and authentic vintage sunglasses. Just enter your search query into the search box on the top right. In addition to the default selection to search for ALL words of a search query, you can also search for ANY words or search for an EXACT phrase. Searches for an exact phrase such as "Revo 1107 sunglasses" will result in a more precise search than searching for any or all words of a phrase, but regardless of where you start you can subsequently expand or refine your search as appropriate. To use advanced search techniques such as Boolean expressions to even further narrow your search, please click on the Help link in the search box to see the complete set of search options. All prices at Vintage Designer Sunglasses include free shipping and handling within the U.S. and subsidized shipping worldwide.

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Vintage Designer Sunglasses sells only rare and authentic Ray-Ban, Revo, Cazal, Carrera, Armani, Alpina, Persol, Vuarnet, Bolle, Oakley, 1950's cat's eye vintage sunglasses, and other select vintage designer eyewear. You will never see any fakes, reproductions, or "retro style" sunglasses. If you prefer, you can shop by brand using the links to the right or you can see all of our vintage sunglasses on a single page in fast loading thumbnail pictures in our vintage sunglasses picture gallery.

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