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Discover rare and authentic vintage women's sunglasses from the 1940s through the 1990s at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop! Men arguably have more limited fashion alternatives to make an individual style statement than do women. While there are certainly possibilities in clothes and shoes, the most common choice of celebrities and growing numbers of men of all shapes, sizes, and professions is a great pair of cool vintage sunglasses. Well styled, high quality sunglasses can be distinctive to individual personalities and be an eye catching fashion accessory sure to attract questions and compliments. While those of us that work at Vintage Designer Sunglasses are admittedly sunglasses nuts, we believe men shouldn't have only 1 pair of sunglasses but rather a sunglasses collection. Different styles, shapes, and colors of rare and authentic vintage sunglasses can supplement your look at formal or informal occasions, in summer or winter seasons, out shopping or at the office, and in a flashy or understated way depending on your mood.

While there are no universal rules, the shape of your face is important when selecting the right sunglasses. Men with more square faces should generally choose sunglasses that are more rounded and not wider than your face. For really top of the line examples of the rounded look, iconic styles such as Revo 962 sunglasses can become one of your prized possessions for many years to come. Men with a more rounded face shape should generally choose sunglasses that are more angular at the corners to add definition to the face. Often, rectangular sunglasses such as Revo 1126 sunglasses will look great on men with rounder faces. Men whose face shape is more oval than round have the most flexibility to choose most any sunglass style they like. If your face shape is more triangular, you will want to consider sunglasses that add width above the cheekbones to create a balancing effect such as original Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses in a variety of colors and lenses and the amazing optical properties and classic shape of Ray-Ban Kalichrome and Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses and shooters. The Vintage Designer Sunglasses Face Shapes Guide will help you determine your own facial shape and give you some recommendations to consider of specific brands and styles that we feel look best and complement each unique look.

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