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Ray-Ban 52mm 12k GF Double Gradient

Mirror Sunglasses

1 Very rare vintage 52mm B&L Ray-Ban 12k gold filled Double Gradient Mirror (DGM) aviator sunglasses c 1960s are one of the most sought after styles of any vintage Ray-Bans. The Bausch & Lomb gradient density lenses were one of the most important innovations in sunglasses and optics in history, creating lenses that were "filmed with a metallic coating to obtain a vertical density gradation. This coating is hard and durable, and with reasonable care will remain in good condition." These were so new at the time of first production that the linen cloth that came with them suggested that you "make sure that this sun glass is properly aligned horizontally before your eyes, so that equal densities are encountered by both eyes." Well, we think that aside from how effective double gradient mirror B&L lenses are they also have one of the most striking looks of any pair of vintage sunglasses. Mirrored lenses always look great and can stand out in a crowd, but everyone who sees you in DGM lenses with the dark horizontal stripe across the center separating the 2 mirrored areas will know these aren't your typical sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. In addition, these B&L DGM 52mm lenses are set in the top of the line B&L Ray-Ban 12k gold filled frame to complete the package. These are classic 52mm aviator sunglasses frame measuring approximately 5.0" temple to temple with lenses measuring approximately 2.125" x 1.675" at the widest points - but with the much added flair of the B&L gradient density mirror coating. These Ray-Ban 52mm DGM aviator sunglasses are marked B&L Ray-Ban USA above the nose bridge and B&L 1/10 12k GF below the nose bridge, all impressed in the metal.

Item VDS423-1 / Price: $485.00

2 Identical in appearance, the vintage B&L Ray-Ban 10k GO (Gold Overlay) 52mm Double Gradient Mirror sunglasses were made a few years earlier than the 12k GF model above and were sustained for a time before being phased out c early 1960s. They are marked above the nose bridge B&L Ray-Ban USA and below the nose bridge B&L 1/30 10k GO USA all impressed in the metal.

Item VDS423-2 / Price: $485.00

3 Identical in appearance, the earliest production of these rare 12k gold filled double gradient mirror 52mm aviator sunglasses c 1950s were marked only Ray-Ban on top of the nose bridge and B&L 1/10 12k GF below the bridge, all impressed in the gold plating.

Item VDS423-3 / Price: SOLD

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