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Ray-Ban W1758 1940s Retro Aviator


1 Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W1758 1940s Retro Aviator Arista sunglasses exude high quality from the first glance, evident in part by the 24k gold plated Arista frame with trademark edge etching that adds plenty of design flair. It's a beautiful design produced early 1990s and designed as an updated, top of the line throwback to the original B&L aviators first produced in the 1940s. The W1758 Retro 40s Arista aviators feature Bausch & Lomb G-15 lenses originally developed for the US military, with each lens measuring approximately 1.875" x 1.675" at the widest points. The right lens is laser etched Ray-Ban while both lenses are laser etched BL near the hinges. The Arista 24k gold plated frame measures approximately 5.0" temple to temple and perfect for both men and women. Tortoise shell paddle ear pads round out the look, and don't miss the intricate, precise etching that goes down the outside of both ear stems and surrounds each of the lenses on the front frame. The inside of one ear stem is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA and one paddle ear pad is marked W1758 WSAS impressed in the frame, part of a great collection of fine B&L Ray-Bans in London, England.

Item VDS388-1 / Price: SOLD

2 Step up another level with new old stock B&L Ray-Ban W1758 1940s Retro Aviator Arista sunglasses in mint, unworn condition.

Item VDS388-2 / Price: $325.00

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