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Serengeti Sunglasses c 1970s - 1990s

Vintage Designer Sunglasses sells authentic vintage Serengeti sunglasses for men and women from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s - no fakes, reproductions, or retro style sunglasses. Tell your friends about us on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, then enter promo code 444971 at checkout to save 10% on your entire order plus always free shipping in the US and subsidized express shipping worldwide.

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VS188: Unique, early Serengeti 7000SS Vermillion sunglasses feature a black matte metal frame and incredible red tint lenses by Corning Optics that have many unique characteristics that you would expect from the world's leading glassmaker Corning. Serengeti 7000SS sunglasses with Corning lenses were marketed as "the first all weather, high performance sunglasses". Tell Me More

VS253: Not to be confused with new Serengeti sunglasses, these early Serengeti Vermilion sunglasses feature an incredibly rare purple frame and gradient mirrored lenses made by Corning Optics. Tell Me More

VS319: Early Serengeti aviator sunglasses feature a rare peach gradient lens made c 1970s by Corning Optics of New York. These are not your Serengeti sunglasses of today which are sold in the mass market; rather they reflect the high quality frame construction and Corning lenses for which early Serengetis were known. Tell Me More

VS333: Early Serengeti Millennium sunglasses show the style you don't see today in modern Serengeti sunglasses, with a thin tortoise shell front frame, etched copper ear stems, and oval Corning Optics lenses that use a blue blocker coating on the rear to provide superior anti-glare protection reminiscent of vintage Vuarnet Skilynx lens technology. Tell Me More

VS401: Vintage Serengeti 5502 Equinox copper sunglasses totally exude the high quality frames and lenses for which vintage Serengeti sunglasses were known the world over. The first thing we note is the intricately and precisely etched copper frame, angled and tapered to give a racing feel and with the Serengeti logo integrated into the design on the outside of each spring loaded ear stem. Tell Me More

VS402: Vintage Serengeti DR5638 Zephyr sunglasses from the Drivers series a very sleek matte black etched metal frame coupled with those amazing Corning glass lenses that you will only find in vintage Serengetis from the 1990s. Tell Me More

VS403: Like all of our vintage Serengetis, these vintage Serengeti DR5510 Essentials aviator sunglasses date to the mid 1990s when Serengeti sunglasses were one of the finest in the world. These Serengeti DR-5510 medium aviators feature the rare Champagne lens which picks up the hues of a rich champagne on the front but has the Corning Optics blue blocker technology on the rear. Tell Me More

VS404: Vintage Serengeti DR5579 Millennium Zenith sunglasses from the Drivers series feature a tortoise shell and etched antique gold metal frame coupled with those amazing Corning glass lenses that you will only find in vintage Serengetis from the 1990s. The quality of the frame and lenses is quite evident, seen in details like the precise vertical etching. Tell Me More

VS413: Serengeti DR6473 Endeavor sunglasses are one of the most distinctive of any vintage Serengeti design, with the Serengeti name embossed on the gleaming dark gunmetal ear stems in a racing inspired block letter font for a sleek, speedy look. These are not your cheap modern Serengetis but rather the original early to mid 1990s production. Tell Me More

VS416: Vintage Serengeti DR 5641 Mistral Solano etched copper sunglasses combine a sleek, racing inspired frame with Serengeti photochromatic glass lenses for a totaly style plus performance package. Note the changes in pattern as you move down the copper ear stem and the precise and finely detailed etching that begins just down from the hinges. Tell Me More


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