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Vintage Revo Sunglasses c 1970s - 1990s

Vintage Designer Sunglasses sells authentic vintage Revo sunglasses for men and women from the 1980's and 1990's before the company was sold to Luxottica - no fakes, reproductions, or retro style sunglasses. Tell your friends about us on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, then enter promo code 444971 at checkout to save 10% on your entire order plus always free shipping in the US and subsidized express shipping worldwide.

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VS000: Vintage Revo 850 001 sunglasses with purple mirrored lens are hard to find, and they feature a black matte frame made in France that nicely complements the highly reflective purple Revo lens. It's a great look whether you're lounging around the pool or dressed up to make a statement at a big daytime event. Tell Me More

VS001: One of the most highly sought after styles ever produced, Revo 953 001 sunglasses feature blue mirrored Revo lens set in a high contrast black matte frame, a classic of vintage sunglasses style. Revo model 953 sunglasses, especially with blue, green, purple, and amber lens, are among the top styles that Revo ever produced. Tell Me More

VS003: Vintage Revo 962 010 sunglasses with rare green mirrored lenses are one of the most sought after styles of vintage sunglasses in the market today - and very hard to find. It's one of the favorite styles of the staff here at Vintage Designer Sunglasses, and everyone loves the contrast of the matte black ear stems with gold embossed Revo logo at the hinge points with the Revo green mirror lens. Tell Me More

VS004: Exceptionally rare, vintage Revo 962 001 sunglasses with blue mirror lens and tortoise shell ear stems usually brings among the highest prices of any vintage Revo sunglasses - and with good reason. The look speaks for itself, with the tortoise shell ear stems providing a striking and elegant contrast with the highly reflective Revo blue mirrored lens. Tell Me More

VS005: Very stylish, unusual, and rare, Revo 973 008 vintage sunglasses with purple lens and tortoise shell accents above each lens are one of the most requested styles at Vintage Designer Sunglasses and not usually in our stock. Tell Me More

VS008: Everyone on our staff loves the Revo 1111 011 Python metal frames with the gray metal look of snake skin down each ear stem and on the gently curved nose bridge. These Revo 1111 Python sunglasses are paired with the stealth mirrored H20 polarized lens are perhaps the finest single lens Revo ever produced. Tell Me More

VS010: Vintage Revo 1208 010 Tiburon sunglasses feature an intricately etched antique bronze metal frame with etched Revo logos on the two ear stems at the hinges at which point a transition is made to tortoise shell. The tortoise and etched antique bronze metal are perfectly matched for each other. Tell Me More

VS011: Beautiful and super cool, Revo 1107 011 sunglasses combine the vertically etched gunmetal pewter frame with the Revo stealth light blue lens in a style slightly smaller than comparable Revo 1126 sunglasses sometimes also offered for sale here at Vintage Designer Sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS012: One of the most eye catching vintage styles Revo ever produced, Revo 953 008 sunglasses with green mirror Revo lens offer a unique opportunity to own a classic of vintage Revo sunglasses style. The 953 models, especially with blue, green, and amber lens, are among the top 3 styles that Revo ever produced. Tell Me More

VS015: If you like eye catching style yet classic elegance, you will appreciate the design and quality of Revo 970 011 sunglasses that combine a brushed and etched pewter frame with Revo's most desirable stealth mirrored lens. Tell Me More


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