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Vintage Designer Sunglasses sells authentic vintage AO American Optical, Gargoyles, Killer Loop, B&L Ful Vue, Bolle, and other vintage sunglasses and steampunk goggles for men and women from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s - no fakes, reproductions, or retro style sunglasses. Tell your friends about us on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, then enter promo code 444971 at checkout to save 10% on your entire order plus always free shipping in the US and subsidized express shipping worldwide.

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VS027: Rare vintage Oliver Peoples OP 60 tortoise shell and etched metal unisex men's or women's sunglasses have a classic look but unmistakable Oliver Peoples design and high quality in the lens and the frame materials. The nose bar is etched metal in an antique bronze finish as are the ear stems right down to the end ear pads which then revert to tortoise. Tell Me More

VS029: These antique teashade sunglasses c early 1900s are in excellent condition and look as cool today as they did in their time at the turn of the 20th century. They feature small John Lennon style green oval glass lens measuring approximately 1.25" x 1.0". Tell Me More

VS040: Vintage Vera Bradley 3503 S Java Blue polarized sunglasses are our consensus favorite Vera Bradley design. We like the rectangular brown lens that curve subtly upward at the nose coupled with the shimmering abstract floral design on the two ear bars. Tell Me More

VS063: Vintage Bolle Acrylex sunglasses are always popular, and standing at the top of the pack is the hourglass shape style that measures 5.5" temple to temple with blue and purple tint mirrored Bolle lens that measure 2.25" x 1.75" at the widest points. Tell Me More

VS066: Rare and authentic vintage 1940s metal framed, leather blinkered pilot or motorcycle steampunk goggles look great as regular sunglasses, ski and snowboard glasses, or ready for the Harley or Cessna. Tell Me More

VS098: Oliver Peoples sunglasses are quite clearly of very high quality, but if you're like us you prefer the more classic styles and unique Oliver Peoples interpretations to much of their current production which is looking more and more like over the top Versace and Chanel. Tell Me More

VS115: Go for the mod 60s look with these true vintage 1960s round hippie style glasses with interchangeable round lens in a variety of mod 60s colors of yellow, blue, purple, and smoky gray. Tell Me More

VS120: If you like the Wayfarer shape of sunglasses but find the classic somewhat boring, we're pretty sure you won't feel the same way about the Bolle Acrylex sunglasses with super cool Spectra Acrylex purple mirror lens. The Spectra lens is highly reflective, and the color is very unique to Bolle. Tell Me More

VS173: For a vintage 1950s look with some design flair, we think you'll like these vintage Waltz sunglasses with etched metal temples and brown polarized lenses. The use of the silver metal above the lenses is a rather unique look, and we particularly liked the etching as well as the contrast with the predominantly brown / tortoise color of the frame. Tell Me More

VS178: You'll see some of the finest period 1950s and 1960s French cat's eye sunglasses come from BH France, and we think you'll particularly love these rather stunning BH etched and rhinestone studded sunglasses in rare white mother of pearl color. Tell Me More

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