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Oakley Sunglasses c 1970s - 1990s

Vintage Designer Sunglasses only sells authentic vintage Oakley sunglasses for men and women produced in the 1970s, 1980's and 1990's - no fakes, reproductions, or retro style sunglasses. Oakley founder Jim Jannard began by designing unique motorcycle goggles made of high-impact plastic that was lighter and stronger than the glass goggles then in use. As their popularity grew, Jannard began developing eyewear that was part goggles and part sunglasses for skiers and bicyclists. This of course gave rise to the easily identifiable Oakley wrap sunglasses worn by sports enthusiasts both casual and professional. You'll find a select number of the finest vintage Oakley sunglasses at Vintage Designer Sunglasses including famous Oakley Juliet sunglasses in x-metal and Ice Iridium lenses.

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VS014: Hard to find, these rare polished Oakley Juliet sunglasses feature the amazing Oakley G 30 Ice Iridium lenses with super cool X Metal frames that are virtually unbreakable and feature a flexible skeleton. The G 30 lenses are probably the best all around lenses Oakley makes. Tell Me More

VS236: Very early and very vintage Oakley sunglasses have rare purple lenses and a light, exotic frame shape and color that looks far different than modern Oakley sunglasses. Regardless, it's all Oakley quality with a light durable frame, superb purple lenses, and some really sublte yet effective design points. Tell Me More

VS239: Rare vintage Oakley Frogskins sunglasses have top of the line red iridium lenses in a moderately translucent gray Frogskins American frame reminiscent in style to that of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers. We love the combination of translucent gray with the fire red iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS349: Vintage Oakley O Frame e-wire sunglasses have a sleek matte gray wrap sunglasses design but without some of the extremes of more modern Oakley sunglasses - but still with great Oakley optics. Early Oakley Iridium mirrored lens wrap sunglasses were one of the first styles the company produced, and you can see all of the classic Oakley design touches that were extended and enlarged over the years. Tell Me More

VS359: Vintage black Oakley Fives wrap sunglasses with stealth mirror lenses have a great look and are a predecessor of future Oakley wrap sunglasses styles. These vintage Oakley Fives give you durability and all-day comfort because they're made of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frame material and have a sleek and streamlined design. Tell Me More

VS362: Vintage Oakley Juliet X Metal sunglasses feature Plasma frames and top of the line Fire Iridium lenses that bring out brilliant colors of yellow and red in a highly reflective mirrored surface. This is one of the most popular of the vintage Oakley frame and lens combinations, stunning to look at with the matte plasma X metal frame and the flaming red & yellow Fire Iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS378: Vintage Oakley Juliet X Metal sunglasses feature Plasma frames and top of the line Ice Iridium lenses that are iconic for the ice blue color of the lenses in the classic Oakley Juliet X Metal frame. This is one of the most popular of the vintage Oakley frame and lens combinations, stunning to look at with the matte plasma X metal frame and the blue Ice Iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS734: Vintage Oakley Frogskins are always in high demand, but the combination of the blue iridium lenses and crystal black Frogskins frame is the single most popular vintage style and increasingly hard to find. You'll love the highly reflective Oakley blue iridium lenses that can give you the look of blue mirror or purple mirror depending on the angle of the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS748: Vintage Oakley E-Wire Titanium sunglasses are one of the top designs every produced by Oakley, with subtle wrap style E Wire frame made of pure titanium and the Oakley stylized brand name impressed on the front nose bridge. You'll also find Oakley impressed on top of both ear stems along with black rubber ear pads for comfort, distinctive design features of vintage Oakley E-Wire Titanium sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS749: Vintage Oakley E-Wire sunglasses feature a brushed antique gold frame made of super strong metal alloy and Z curve ear stems along with top of the line Oakley gold iridium lenses for sunglasses that are perfect for the most formal to the most active occasions. Vintage Oakley E-Wire sunglasses have a sleek modern look, and the oval lenses and subtle wrap design look great on a variety of face sizes and shapes. Tell Me More


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