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Vintage Designer Sunglasses only sells authentic vintage sunglasses, most c 1950s through the 1990s which was the golden age of quality sunglasses design and style. We carry only select brands and styles which we believe best represents the pinnacle of sunglasses design and innovation. You can see a diversity of all our vintage sunglasses brands either by listings or by thumbnails, or you can browse listings of only specific vintage sunglass brands below.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban invented aviator sunglasses for the U.S. military in 1938, and their history of innovation continued with classics such as Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Kalichrome & Ambermatic lenses. See our vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses here.

Revo Sunglasses: Distinctive and colorful Revo mirrored lenses were created by NASA engineer Mitch Ruda and remain among the rarest and most desired of any brand of vintage sunglasses. See our vintage Revo sunglasses here.

Giorgio Armani Sunglasses: Armani sunglasses and frames are made with wire, steel, nylon, stainless steel and other high materials still crafted in Italy by Italian craftsmen to ensure quality of production. See our vintage Armani sunglasses here.

Carrera Sunglasses: Carrera Porsche Design sunglasses were the first consumer sunglasses that offered readily interchangeable lenses of different colors via clips and a unique hinged nose bridge. See our vintage Carrera sunglasses here.

Alpina Sunglasses: Alpina is known for more than their ski goggles and accessories, having created classic sunglasses like the M1 and M3 which have been cult hits since the 1980s. See our vintage Alpina Sunglasses here.

Cazal Sunglasses: Cazal sunglasses are popular with those who seek originality and aren't afraid to make a fashion statement that is quite distinctive and will inevitably get noticed. See our vintage Cazal sunglasses here.

Persol Sunglasses: Persol is an Italian eyewear company famous for pilot and sports sunglasses known for their Meflecto frames worn by many celebrities and the famous Persol Ratti factory in Turin. See our vintage Persol sunglasses here.

Vuarnet Sunglasses: Vuarnet sunglasses are renowned for the Skilynx lens developed in 1957 by French opticians Roger Pouilloux and Joseph Hatchiguian for the French ski team. See our vintage Vuarnet sunglasses here.

Bolle Sunglasses: Bolle sunglasses pioneered many innovations to handle glare in extreme ski conditions such as their clear Acrylex frames and Spectra Acrylex mirrored lenses. See our vintage Bolle sunglasses here.

Oakley Sunglasses: Oakley founder James Jannard was responsible for many sunglass innovations including extreme wrap designs and the use of Unobtanium which retained a tacky grip when wet. See our vintage Oakley sunglasses here.

1950s & 1960s Cat's Eye Sunglasses: Cat's eye sunglasses are thick rimmed glasses with ear stems meeting the lenses at the very top corners in angular fasihon to give the look of cat's eyes. See our vintage 1950's cat's eye sunglasses here.

Other Antique & Vintage Sunglasses: We carefully select antique sunglasses, teashade sunglasses, steampunk goggles, 1960's hippie sunglasses, and certain styles by Vera Bradley, Neostyle, and others. See our other antique & vintage sunglasses here.

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